Proper way to reboot?

Dumb question… but I am paranoid and want to make sure I do it the “right” way/same way everyone else does it.  How do I simply reboot the MyCloud?  (Trying to get the dashboard to work again). 

Unplug and plug back in?  I assume that reset button on the back isn’t what I want to do in this case. I don’t want to lose data, just want to reboot the device.

You can first try to press the reset button for 4s, without unpluggin.

If that doesn’t help, just unplug the power cord, if you don’t have access to the UI.

If that doesn’t work, unplug, depress the reset button for 40s while you replug the unit. This will be the equivalent to a system only factory restore from the UI. This leaves the content intact, but all users will be deleted and all shares will be public (again user’s shares are left intact). You can then log to the unit (set up the language, dismiss the window telling you to set up a user with remote access), using the “admin” / blank password combination.

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If your Dashboard is not working and you have WD Quick View, click on it and use it to Shut Down your device then unplug My Cloud and plug it back in. See image below.


I normally use the Dashboard by clicking on Settings>Utilities>Shutdown button. See image below. If I want to Reboot I use the Reboot button. I normally do this once a week as part ot my computer maintenance.

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I tag both replies as answers because I used info from both to get it. I actually did have the quick view installed and I also tried the restart button on the back of the device. Neither worked actually… I just reverted to the unplug method. What was funny is I tried to shut down view quick view… quick view seemed to become unresponsive after I unplugged the device, which makes sense… but then it tried to shut down once the device came back online, so I just cancelled the confirmation alert.

Dashboard works after the unplug restart and everything seems fine. Thanks.