Proper setup for mobile android devices

Hello.  I just tried setting up MyCloud a couple of days ago.  With 3 pages and very few words, I assumed it should all be fairly simple.  Unfortunately, it has not been.  There are slightly different instructions based on where you look/ read.  I tried to follow the directions to send an email to someone to setup a remote access account for them.  When they opened the email and followed the link (and this happened for mine too but I thought I had done something else to mess it up) it eventually asked for a password - as if one had already been set up but it hadn’t because he was accessing the link for the first time…so, he created a password but it just told him that one wasn’t correct.  So, we ended up simply downloading the WD My Cloud app from the play store and I added the password he gave me onto the “users” information on the dashboard.  Then he was able to access it with no problem.  Once of my concerns is that I believe I was reading somewhere but I can’t remember which document (I think it might have been the User Guide) that said that this is the alternate method of setting up remote access and that I need to use caution because that method may inadvertantly give someone administrative permissions as well and I obviously don’t want that…can someone please give me clear, step by step directions on how to set up a remote access account for someone?



Please see the following link as this might help you to properly setup the applications.