Proper raid migration path without losing data?

i’m planning to buy a my cloud ex4… i have a few questions and clarifications…

  1. website says it’s compatible with WD60EFRX… does this mean it can support up to 24tb if i install 4 x 6tb hdd? will it be able to support a single volume raid 0?

  2. the 6tb are pretty expensive so i cannot purchase all 4 of them right away… would it be possible to purchase 1, then expand them to 2, then 3, and finally 4 without losing data?

  3. if question no. 2 is possible without losing data, can i follow this migration path?
    3.1. 1 hdd = jbod
    3.2. 2 hdd = raid 0
    3.3. 3 hdd = raid 0
    3.4. 4 hdd = raid 0

  4. same as question no. 3, but this time 3rd and 4th hdd will be raid 5 instead of raid 0…

  5. if i configure using raid 5, if one of the hdd fails and i replace it with a new one (same model WD60EFRX), will it rebuild the data on the new hdd?

thank you!

  1. Yes. These are the hard drives provided with the 24TB edition of the WD My Cloud EX4 (WDBWWD0240KBK). And yes, a 24TB RAID 0 volume is possible.

2 & 3) RAID 0 migrations/expansions are not possible. Data will be lost on each rebuild.

  1. RAID 5 requires a minimum of 3 hard drives and uses a different storage structure. As such it is not possible to migrate from RAID 0 to RAID 5.

  2. Yes. RAID 5 is designed to allow a certain level of fault-tolerance in case of an individual hard drive failure.

For additional information please refer to the RAID Migrations section of the User’s manual: