Proper Ejection/Shutdown of Studio External?

A response would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having trouble understanding the proper way dismount my Studio II 4 TB external hard drive once I’m finished using it. I know to eject the external drive from my desktop. I hear the drive wind down. However the light flashes on and off for four seconds after I have done so. The manual says it is in “standby mode”. I tried hitting the power button once on the external once it is in standby mode however the flashing every 4 seconds continues. The only time I can get the external to really shut down entirely is when I shut down my MacBook Pro with the external still connected. 

Is it okay for me to simply detach the power from the back of my Studio II once it’s in standby mode? If not, what is the proper method of shutting down my external entirely without having to power off my MacBook Pro? I don’t want to lose the important data already stored on my external. Thanks.

Hey there, 

I was experiencing the same problem with one of my drives, i noticed after ejecting (safely removing) the activity light 

will continue to blink. I researched and found out that certain computers keep sending power trough the interface , there for the activity light will still blink when power is sent to the unit. The best way to avoid this is by unplugging the external drive 

once it was been ejected. You can also turn off the computer and you won’t even have to eject.  However both of the methods will be ok. 

Thanks for the reply.

I figured the connected external (to my powered laptop) was still “on” in a sense because the Firewire cable is still connected to the external and laptop post safe ejection.

I’ll just go ahead and unplug the power from the back of the external once it’s been safely ejected from the laptop. (Unless someone says otherwise.) Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong to put my valuable data at harm. Thanks.

Any time : )