Prometheus on WD TV Live

Anyone else try watching Prometheus in HDX through Vudu?  Causing audio pops (always in same place) and movie freezes.  I believe it  once eventually gave me an error that the resolution was not supported. Completely hangs up the WD TV hub.  Happens while streaming with wired connection and even with a downloaded version of this film.  I’ve tried newest firmware, rolled back firmware, restarted hub and even did a hard reset (which meant sacrificing all content on drive.)  No other movie gives me trouble.

I want to blame it on the studios encoding, yet the PS3 and my Samsung TV with VUDU apps work like champs.  WD hub treats it like an unsupported format.  Oh, the movie plays fine in Standard Definition (SD).

If you are having issues only with that file, it might an issue related to the uploader.  Maybe the movie was not ripped properly. are you able to try getting the movie from a different source?

I had a problem too, the video was fine, but there were pops, then no audio at all…I can reproduce the issue any time…I think there is an issue with the 7.1 coding of that film as SD plays great, but it is in 5.1…Funny thing is that I played other 7.1-based movies I own on VUDU (i.E. Tron), and they play fine…My system is set up for 5.1…I put in a ticket with VUDU support,  says “processing”…You may want to do the same…

Thanks for the replies.  At least I got to watch it on PS3.  Have a ticket in, has been no response for couple days.  But nice to get new movies so early AND it was at a great price.  Hope that trend continues!

Thanks again.

Well, Fox is supposed to continue the trend, but they and other studios need to get it together when it comes to these types of issues…I know there is a lot of different equipment people are using to view VUDU, but still…That said,  I hope the trend continues too…I like getting new films before “the Herd”!!!