Project - Mix Raid 0 / Raid 1 and power savings

Hello all,

I recently bought an My cloud mirror 4TB.

I want to share with you what I have in my mind about that NAS.

Because it’s run 24/24 7/7 I am very concerned about power consumption and the embeded sleeping mode doesn’t seems to work. Second point, even if data stored on the NAS are very important they do not justify a RAID1 system.

What I want to do :

  • split disk 1 and disk 2 - no RAID
  • create a crontab script to sync specific folder from disk 1 to disk 2
  • force disk 2 in sleep mode other time.

What do you think about it ?

I would doubt you’ll save much power by doing so to be honest.

But the split is possible (switch the MCM to JBOD mode will make the two disks independent, but the change of format will wipe them in the process so you’ll need to back up any content you want to keep and restore it afterwards).

I’ve never tried to add a cron job on the mirror itself, but it may well be possible with a suitable script being triggered.

Not sure about forcing drives into sleep mode, whether that’s possible or not.