Progress of the upload

Hello, i recently purchased a My Cloud Home (3Tb) device, and after the configuration (which has been really easy) i started to share folders from my Mac with the option “Sync with…”.
The issue is that i don’t see any progress bar, or message to check what is the progress, so i don’t know how long it will take (i don’t know if it’s failed or frozen by any reason).

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My problem as well. I’ve not seen any way to do this other than use Windows Explorer and right click the MyCloud home folder to see Properties, and then watch the file count change. Unsatisfactory though, especially as it stopped syncing a while back and I have had to reinstall WD Discovery.

2 years down the road and WD still does not have any indication of how far the synch is. such a basic thing, obviously not much interest in clients. Before this i used synctoy and it shows exactly what is happening and and how far. down side is you have to start synctoy to make the sync happen.