Program that will allow HULU to be used with WDTV Live WITHOUT paying a fee?

I have WDTV Live and PC with Windows 7.   I have heard that PLAYON which costs $40. for first year will enable me to watch HULU on the TV Set with the WDTV Live unit.

Are there any programs that are without charge that would enable HULU to be run with WDTV Live?

best, Aaron

I have been using PlayOn for a while now and In my opinion it is worth it. Yes, just like hardware and software, there are issues. Me, it is the constant need for updates. I an finding that it may not really be thier fault for the need of this to be done but of the link to the websites change reqiring this to be done.

FYI - I paid $30 lifetime and don’t plan on going with thier “premium package”.