Program File Folder Loads on Startup

Every time my PC restarts or is started from cold the program files\wd mycloud folder dislays on startup. Anyone any ideas how I can stop this happening please? So far my experience with MyCloud hasn’t been good, it automatially adds a prefix to any file name which included my name and the share which is also very irritating. Then when I try to save it back to the drive it won’t let me and i have to save it locally. When I then try to copy it over it won’t let me. Also cannot map it as a network drive because it asks for a username and password which when I put them in then says username/password incorrect.

Any help welcome.

Hi jonad724, see if the link below helps. Regarding your other My Cloud problems, I would try to contact support directly. I’m sure they can help you with any problems you have.

Thanks, appreciate the quick reply but the program files folder is not listed in either the registry or in the msconfig/startup section either. I now have WD Discovery installed to try and solve the network mapping error and this folder now loads within the Program Files/WD My Cloud folder on startup. I’m using WIndows XP rather than 7 as well.

I’m just going to unistall everything and return the My Cloud as the WD blurb makes it out to be a quick and easier cloud solution whereas it isn’t and I have wasted hours trying to get it to work properly. Having set up a password for remote access this doesn’t work when trying to view it in Explorer view, it just won’t let me in. I’m going back to Google Drive.