Product Targeted 20% Coupon

I am disappointed that my options for using the 20% coupon are for :
My Cloud EX2 Ultra (16TB,24TB,28TB)​
My Book 12TB​
I have an EX2 and already have NAS drives. Why isn’t the 0TB EX2 Ultra an option, or why would it not apply if I wanted a more expensive replacement like an EX4100 or PR2100, I would be spending more money……
Disappointing as I really like WD products, but I’ll have to take a hard pass on your coupon and shop another brand, maybe something with an internal fan.

Disillusioned in Dallas

Same situation as you.

I’m also on Chat right now with an Agent that is saying that I can’t take the perfectly functioning drive inside the My Cloud I have and put it into an EX2 Ultra bay.

So basically I have just another stand-alone drive that I can’t put inside any other WD device?


You could reuse the drive. . . .but the new unit would (fair chance of) likely reformat the drives.

(depending on how they wrote the software, it might be possible to preserve all the data. . .but I do not know)

I concur that a 20% coupon is pretty. . . . .miserly. . . .
. . .and a 20% coupon to buy a substantially larger device is . . . . insulting.

The PUSH I am seeing for upgrade is amazing. I am getting multiple emails per day. . .and the latest OS/3 firmware update that merely creates a stupid nag popup is . . .beyond my comprehension.

You can take the drives from your EX2 and put them in the Ultra. It will ask you if you want “roaming RAID” setup. Answer yes or you’ll get two red drive lights until you reformat. This should work but there’s always some risk of catastrophe.

Yes. . . .the “roaming raid” was what I was thinking. It “should” work taking EX2 drives and plunking them into an EX2 enclosure. If it works . . . .instant transfer.

Wonder if you could do the same thing with EX2 drives and dropping them into a DS220+?

Definitely not. :frowning:

No. Generally if you put a SATA hard drive (like one from a My Cloud) into a competitors NAS you will have to format the drive for the NAS to see/use it.

Now if one wants to have that other non WD NAS read their My Cloud drive, to say copy data from it. One option is to use an external USB to SATA adapter/docking station to connect the WD hard drive to that NAS if it has USB ports and supports reading EXT4 formatted partitions.

That’s an interesting option. So the MyCloud file format is EXT4? Then this should work with a Synology NAS, as it has native EXT4 support. What would the file structure look like if you pulled this up from say Windows 10 file/network explorer?

Windows won’t generally read Linux formatted hard drives without the use of third party drivers or programs. Generally there are 7 or 8 partitions on a single bay My Cloud hard drive depending on which version one has (first gen or second gen).

Wow, got the long-anticipated 20% coupon and it’s all it’s all it was promised to be and so much less, so with that said it’s now time to bid adieu to WD, ordering a Synology DS218, has an internal fan even.

Much Happier in Dallas

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