Problems writing files through on a Mac


I just got a new WD MyBookLive Duo (6TB), and I’m experiencing some troubles when trying to write files from my Mac (Mac OS X 10.7.3) to the network drive. Although I can create folders and rename them, when I try to put some files into them, Finder shows an error saying: “The operation can’t be completed because the item xxx is in use”.

However, when using Windows 7 everything was ok.

I’m using a port forwarding connection through an Apple Time Capsule, and I can see “Connection Status: Connected. Port forwarding connection established.” on the MyBook Live Duo Dashboard.

Can someone help me out?

Thank you in advance!


Not sure why this is happening

try connecting as a samba share and see if you have the same problems

Go > Connected Servers > smb;//myboolikeduo > connect as guest

let’s see if this works…

Thank you for your reply Wizer!

I forgot to mention that the problem occurs when trying to write files into the MBL through on a Mac. So, I think your suggestion does not apply in this case.

When using a local connection I can read/write without any problems but when I’m connected to and I’m accessing from a Mac I can read files but not write anything to the MBL. Finder shows the error I wrote previously. If I use Windows, I can read/write without any problem.

Any suggestions?

We have a known issue with Private shares using with a Mac and a My Book Live Duo. We’re working to resolve it, however until it is resolved, you will need to use a Public share.

Hi. I have the exact same problem and have had to use the Public shares. It’s a bit inconvenient saving stuff locally in the private share, then remotely editing and saving the file to a public share, and finally overwriting the private share file when I’m on the local network again.

So I guess this is a bump of sorts and I hope the problem is resolved soon.


Problem has been resolved with firmware update: 02.31.08-067

Thank you WD.