Problems with WDTV live and 1gbit network


I am using a WDTV Live with a AVM 7390 Fritz Box.

I want to stream HD movies from the laptop via WLAN and a certified Belkin  N 300 stick.

The entire setup works when I slow down the 7390 Fritz Box router to 100mbit AND connect the WDTV box via cable. In case the connection between laptop and router is 1000mbit the hd material slows down and stutters.  Quite counterintuitive…

Is there a way to use the BelkinN 300 WLAN stick? I can connect but the movies stutter. The connection is 240mbit according to my Fritzbox router.

The issue with the 100mbit vs 1000mbit is partly answered here:

Is there a way how I can stream via a Wlan stick HD material? It would be perfect if I could increase the speed between router and laptop to 1000mbit again.



Not seen this adapter on this list

for faster connection you can use an extender or wired connection

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the wlan adapter is the following:

Belkin N1 Wireless USB adapter F5D8053ED.

The F5D8053 is on your list.

As alls devcices are in one small room will not help.

Would it make sense to try a slower wlan adapert as I have the feeling that connections above 100 mbit make things worse?