Problems with WDMC after restoring MBL SafePoint


Picked up a WDMC to migrate from a working MBL.  I had hoped SafePoint would be the best way to migrate to the new device, and that a SafePoint created from the MBL would be compatible/good-to-go to apply to the new device without painstakingly re-creating shares, users, remote, and copying files manually.

Whelp, created the SafePoint from the MBL successfully on an external drive, restored the SafePoint to the new WDMC.  I _think this complete _successfully…?  After completion (the dashboard reported 100% complete, and the device e-mailed me to let me know it had completed successfully), the dashboard, shares, WD2Go, everything just stalled/stopped responding.  Using the reset pin-hole did not help, so a power cycle was required.

Once it came back up, the shares are working via windows networking and things like TWONKY, and the dashboard does come up…  However:

* The dashboard reports zero kb free, shares never load in the Shares section, and I cannot create new shares.

Also, since I have SmartWare running, WD QuickView reports space as “n/a” as well:

SmartWare WD QuickView

(which makes me concerned whether or not SmartWare backups are being carried out or not).

Similarly, WD2GO functionality is reduced.  On mobile devices, access is “denied”, through the Website, the shares fail to load.  AND, somehow, my WDMC is showing up visually there as a WDMBL (black older device, even though I’ve previously removed that from WD2Go–and it’s reporting the correct device because if I power it down, it is still there but disabled and the older device is not powered currently).

What WD2Go shows.

Okay…  so what is up with this?  Hopefully, I do NOT have to go through this entire process again for some reason.  It has been 4 DAYS of work and waiting so far.

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Also, this is the error (200500) received when attempting to create new shares:

I would bet it actually tried to apply configuration elements that are specific only to the MBL. What I would try is a SYSTEM ONLY restore… It won’t erase your data.

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z0rpr1m3 wrote:

Also, this is the error (200500) received when attempting to create new shares:


Hello  z0rpr1m3

We are currently investigating this issue. Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks, TonyPh,

I had planned to try that if I couldn’t get easy resolution through support channels, just in case there’s a better way to fix this, and/or without re-writing all of the permissions & access from scratch.  Thanks.

A System-Only Restore (after applying an old MBL SafePoint to a WDMC)  was the [laborious] fix.

Thank you, Tony & WD support.


Apparently, taking a SafePoint archive from a MBL and applying it to a WDMC (as in the case where your MBL dies and you have to go out and buy a new WDMC because you can’t find another MBL anymore), is not a 1:1 parity kind of thing…

The MBL-specific settings applied over some MC settings.  It was operational, but dashboard access was not gonna happen properly (if you want to say, manage shares and users).

I suppose unless the MBL SafePoints are made forward-compatible in the future (or WDMC is capable of backwards compatibility with MBL SafePoints), this is something more users are going to go through.

The big annoyance here was basically having to set up all my users and share permissions basically from scratch…  kind of negating the benefit of the ease of a SafePoint restore, IMO.

So, if you find yourself in this situation, (you have a MBL SafePoint in the clear that you want to apply to a new WDMC), it may be easier (quicker) if you just do the copy yourself (maybe) instead of applying the SafePoint, because a straight file copy seems faster (maybe this is due to no compression/decompression?), and won’t require a System Only restore afterwards.