Problems with WD5000 sata Caviar Blue

Just received a WD5000 from Tiger Direct last night.  Upon attemting to install it in a desktop with a Biostar motherboard and a 2.93Ghz processor(single core 478 chip) I found that the motherboard recognized the sata drive, but then when I tried to install XP the XP install would not get past the boot from CD prompt.  Then I tried to install Ubuntu 10.1. It ran the Ubuntu to a point where I got a installation will abort due to hard drive failure prompt.

I have an loder version of DLtools, and on running it I get a pass on the hard drive for a quick test.  I am now running a full write to o’s and will then do a full test.

Can I download the latest version of DLtools and run it from a USB stick?  If so can anyone clue me in as to how to get it to boot from the USB. I will of course change the bios settins to boot from USB - but is this all I have to do?

never mind an answer to this.  I have gotten past this point and will post a new update