Problems with WD2Go app

Im having some problems with the WD2Go Pro app. The “Open In…” option sometimes displays apps that aren’t compatable with the file I have chosen. It also does not display all the apps that are compatible with the file I have chosen. For instance I select a picture and cannot open it in a photo editing application. I cannot directly save pictures to my camera roll. I attempted several times to play a compatible format video file in app and it would not play. I also got a different one to play and then it bugged out so far into it and quit playing. Again I was playing a song and it did the same thing. So far that’s it, but I really haven’t tried using it too much. Is an app update needed to fix these problems (I assume it is) or is there a way to troubleshoot them? Thanks.

Do these same files play to completion if they’re “clipped?”

I’m not sure.

I checked and no they don’t. But I figured out a way to play them. I would still like an update of the app, but I’m not having any issues with those problems anymore. I’ve figured out ways around them for now. Thanks for trying to help.