Problems with WD Software, causing Explorer.exe failure and non-recognition

Hello, I own a 2tb My Batook that I use injunction with my Asus G51vx, th runs Vista 64bit SP2. For the past few days, the connection between the My Book and my PC has not been good. Steam has been failing (since it runs off of the My Book). Now when I even connect the My Book, my PC freezes up and causes Explorer.exe to fail. Upon restarting Explorer.exe, all of WD Software is completely gone and doesn’t even recognize the My Book if I attempt to plug it in. I’ve been using this thing for over almost 3 years now on the same system and OS, and its worked perfectly fine until recently. I’ve looked into potential problems with Explorer.exe itself, and it and the PC work perfectly fine with out the My Book attached. Also, not sure if this is important or not, but the USB mini input on the My Book as always been wobbly and the metal piece of the cord sticks out a bit. It was never a problem in the past, but maybe its a problem that has to do with the internals of the My book shifting around inside. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


For you to identify the what is wrong, you can test thedrive on a different computer, also you can use a different USB cable.

when you connect the drive to the computer, does the drive appears under my computer or not? 

check the link below

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Duplicated post

Thanks for the suggestion of trying it with other cords and PCs!

So, I played around with it as you said, and then I started to notice something. USB connection to the My Book is wobbly as **bleep**. When trying it out, the PC wasn’t reading it at all until I moved the USB Mini about and it popped up on the PC.

Seems like is a problem with the physical port on the My Book, it shifts around too much… I just hope all my data and such are safe…

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