Problems with WD passport [MAC]

I accidentally dropped my book on WD passport. The joint between the top and mid protection was opened a bit, but It was easy to put them back together again

the problem starts here, whenever i plug it to my macbook, I have to press the cable (near the passport) with a weight, or else it wont be working. can someone pls tell me how to fix this? should i ask for a replacement?

You wouldnt be able to get a replacement from WD since you dropped the drive.

I would suggest you PM Mabkay hes good with the dismounting of passports

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Since you dropped you’re out of luck on warranty. The best thing to do is get it hooked up while it is working and get off all of your important data before it quits. I’d exoect the USB port to snap off since the connection is now loose.


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I brught a WD 1 TB m My Passport for mac. Backed-up my files…Around 100 GB. I backed up a couple of times and cehcked the files. there were OK. Now after 6 months i am getting a SMART error that 'Quick SMART status failed. 

i do not find the above error message in the WD website.

what do i do?

Garyskrish, a Smart error is an indication of a bad drive, you better contact WD and RMA the drive, if you still can access your drive, backup your data in another location, because this drive might fail you without any warring.

To Contact WD for Technical Support