Problems with WD MyCloud

Using a 3TB MyCloud with miscellaneous Mac desktops, like many others in the forums I continue to experience problems despite my (best) attempts to get it working smoothly.

After much perusing of this forum I’ve adopted the following approach in an attempt to improve reliability of access & to encourage the drive to occasionally sleep.


Used dashboard to disable Cloud access, iTunes & DNLA servers, NTP service (I’d like to be able to periodically enable this to auto update the clock), and enable SSH & FTP
Downgraded firmware to v03.04.01-230 and disabled autoupdates
Added the following to crontab
@reboot /bin/sh /etc/rc2.d/S86wdphotodbmergerd stop
@reboot /bin/sh /etc/rc2.d/S85wdmcserverd stop
(I also tried disabling IPV6 but that seemed to kill connectivity with my Mac’s and I had to reinstall firmware and start again)
The MyCloud does now occasionally go to sleep if left overnight with no connections but it does still appear to spend much of the day spinning the disc.
I would be pleased to receive recommendations of any other services that I should disable to improve usability of the MyCloud without upsetting connectivity to my Mac’s.


I have 8 shares (including public) and 3 users with various access rights to the different shares – I have Full Access on all shares.

Although connectivity using the Dashboard, WD MyCloud OSX client and via FTP work with all shares visible, I have problems accessing all shares when going through OSX Finder, either directly or using ‘open’ from the WD QuickView menu - not all shares are visible.
Similarly, when another user logs in they are also unable to see all shares that they have access to.
Obviously I can use an FTP client to upload but it’s not ideal and I struggle to see why Finder is failing to connect - does anybody have any ideas?


Welcome to the WD Community.

Try creating a test user with access to all the shares and try to access with that user to see if stills the same.

I think that I have a fix. after finding these on the forum:

I had a look at the file /etc/samba/overall_share and found that not all users specified were appearing in appropriate shares, even though they were selected and displayed on the dashboard web-page.

Example section from/etc/samba/overall_share

BEGIN ## sharename = x#

path = /shares/x
comment = 
invalid users =
valid users = <a, b, c …>
read list =
write list = <a, b, c …>
writeable = yes
map read only = no


I edited the ‘valid users’ & ‘write list’ sections, rebooted and … can now see all shares (at least for now), hopefully this will have done the trick 

Well I spoke too soon. It appears to have been a partial fix. Other users can’t see all the shares that they should, and this morning I have lost another of those that I should see. The file /etc/samba/overall_share does not appear to have changed from my last edit. 

I’m getting very tired of the fickle behaviour of the WD-MyCloud - and I’m getting really close to breaking it apart and putting the drive into a conventional USB box :confounded: