Problems with WD elements disk

Hi everyone

I have an external hard-drive WD elements that I bought some months ago, and that worked perfectly till this mornig.

This morning i’ve connected to a laptop with windows 7, which started the procedure of installation of the device, but since that moment i haven’t been able to use my disk.

I try to explain: the disk is visible in the device list, but not in the system folder, so i cannot access the data.

I tryed also on my Mac, and it happens the same: I see the device in the system profiler, but not in the disk utility, so I cannot initialize it neither. Same thing with another software (rescue 3).

Any suggestion?

I think that it could be a software problem, something like a malware that deleted some system files of the disk, because exactly the same thing happend to some friends of mine just some days ago (but this is just my hypotesis, and i’m not an expert for sure).

I’ve tryed also with the wd quick formatter software, which can see the disk, but then when it starts the formatting process, it says “VCD updater - The device is locked. Program exiting”

Now it’s not important anymore to save the data, i just would like to be able to use again my disk.

Has anyone a solution?

If the drive is locked and has a VCD is not an Elements drive

can you please confirm the drive that you have?

Do you have password protection?

I confirm that it’s a element hard drive. I don’t have password protection. The alert saying that the device was locked looked more like an error alert (but this is just my feeling)

Try posting an image with the error you are getting