I installed a new green caviar 2TB on my Windows Vista Home Premium x64 using a USB to SATA converter on my notebook HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx.

I started the disk with GPT option. Partitioned into two partitions of 50 Gb one another and with the leftovers.

In the beginning everything worked perfectly even copied some folders and files to the new disk.

But after removing the USB drive and reboot the notebook, to reconnect with the hard drive, Windows recognizes the drive as unknown, I can not convert the disk to MBR, I can not format the disk, I can not even get a letter to the hard drive.

I believe that the GPT Partition Table is corrupted,

I’ve tried using “Acronis True Image Edition WD”, “GetDataBack”, "Data Guard Diagnostic life. " But neither of them can see the disk, only the “Disk Manager” sees the disk.

Is there any way to reset the disk as it came from factory?

hd nao reconhecido 4.jpg

hd com proble 99.jpg

hd nao reconhecido 2 .jpg

hd nao reconhecido 3.jpg

hd nao reconhecido 4.jpg

why use GPT to start off  any way its only for 3TB disks

connect the disk back to the HP laptop convert the GPT back to MBR/basic (should be able to do that with out haveing to wipe the disk, open up disk manager and right click on the disk 0 1 2 bit click convert to basic)

Not sure how new or old the Laptop is or how new or old the sata-usb connecter is, but some older PHY chips need to be powered off then back on again to work correctly again. Maxtor/Seagate had this issue several years ago, people would reboot or shut down the PC and when they reboot the hard drives showed as unformatted.

So try turning the power off on everything and see if you get the same results.

Did not work

My Notebook is new

I would recommend you to connect the drive bypass the converter since to me it appears to be an incompatibility issue. If you are able to use the drive connected directly you can click here to test the drive for errorsand also try as a last resort write zeroson the drive.

Honfu wrote:

I started the disk with GPT option. Partitioned into two partitions of 50 Gb one another and with the leftovers.

The drive comes NTFS-formatted… it shouldn’t have needed to be initialized.  You should have been able to just plug it in and partition.

If it showed up as uninitialized, either the drive got corrupted, or there’s some incompatability (or both)… both of which would seem to lead to your continuing problems with using it.

Also, your last post was blank… if you’re using IE9, see here:

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Thanks for the heads up with the IE9 issue.

I forgot what I tryed as a reply now being 2 days ago.