Problems with video files on Sony BDV-E570


I wonder if you anyone can help me with this:

I recently brought a 3TB WD My Book Live and was hoping to streaming movies to my Sony BDV-E570 bluray player home system. I can see the TM-MyBookLive Twonky from the bluray player and see and open the music and picture files on the public

directory on My Book Live, but the videos files can’t be seen. 

The same video files can be seen and played if I copy them onto

a USB flash drive and plug it to the bluray player.  The same mkv

files on My Book Live were seen and opened once through TwonkyManager I downloaded from Twonky homepage, but it requries a paid license and I could not make it work again. Someone talked about converting the video files into a different

code format, but the bluray player can see and open them from

a flash drive. It seems not a code problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Al123, there are cases in which some files are supported on a Media Playback Device such as your Blu-Ray Player when accessed directly (For example, from a USB Device), but not when streamed from other devices using DLNA. Video file types are called containers and there are multiple encoding standards that each container supports; not all devices support all encodings.

For this reason, the same device may reproduce some files of a type (For example, MKV’s) while others of the same type will not. Is your Blu-Ray player able to support DLNA Video Streams for the specific encoding and containers of the files in question?

Additional information will allow for more Users to narrow down the possibilities and better help you.