Problems with using a second drive


I recently was having problems with my external drive. Microsoft was showing it as having errors but although this was a month ago it is still working perfectly. However due to not wanting to risk a loss of data I contacted WD and they have sent me a replacement drive. The problem I am having now is that whenever I plug in the new drive to start moving my files over it isn’t recognised. When I check the ports in device manager the new drive shows as having been disabled due to a USB overload. How do I fix this? I still have a few weeks to return the damaged drive but really if I need to be buying a PCI card which I don’t even know what it is, I need to be moving fast to get the old drive back on time. If anyone can help me please mail me

Also- is it possible to use these adapters on a laptop? If not what is the solution?

Is this a USB powered or powered drive? It may be a power issue. Try unpluggin all uneeded USB devices and see if that does anything. A lot of PCs have barely adequet power supplies and the number of things plugging into USB keeps increasing like recharging cell phones and Ipods etc.

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Wall-powered or not, it’s good to avoid overloading the USB power track. If that does not work, perhaps you can make a network with another computer, and have the drive as a shared network drive attached to the other CPU. Good Luck Backup & Security are perpetual chores.