Problems with Twonky after rebuild process

I have a WD MyBookLive 3TB. For some time I have had a problem with files not showing up in Twonky even though I can see them if I go directly to the Shared folders via Internet Explorer. I decided to make a rebuild of Twonky since I expexted an index error, but rebuild and rescan never stopped. After more that 22 hours I decided to stop the process and now I am unable to get access to Twonky in any way. I can still see the files if I access the NAS through Internet Explorer.

What can I do to “reset” Twonky and get acces to my files through other devices (iPad, IPhone, Apple TV2 etc.)?

Please help, I am very frustrated. 

The problem is solved. I tried many things and suddenly it all worked again. The solution was to rebuild the database through the Twonky interface. Disabling the Twonky service through the UI, reboot the NAS and enable the service again.