Problems with TV Series metadata

I can’t seem to get my new WD TV Live to pull metadata from or from xml files for TV series.

I have my TV shows on a WD MYBOOKLIVE in a share called TV, I added that share to “My Media Library”.

So in that share I have


                            \Monk.S01.E02.mkv… etc


                             \Monk.S02.E02.mkv… and so on…

When I select “Get Content Info”  I get “No Content Info Found”

So I downloaded Media Center Master, and the XML converter for Live HUB.  I tried each one, they both generated xml files, with file names that seemed to match perfectly with the file names for my mkv files.  Yet nothing.  All I get is ulgy looking file names when I view the directories in TV Live. 

I also tried another TV series  so, it’s not just that series.

I’m totally stumped…anyone have any ideas???


Looks like I posted this in the wrong forum, could someone please move it to the correct forum, I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.

Also, I’m running the newest firmware (First thing I did is update it and I just checked again).

Also, metadata for movies pulls down automatically, and works even for random obscure movies just fine, I’m only having problems with TV series.

Lack of automatic content collection might have something to do with the decimal between the Series / Episode.

Instead of:




But since you’re using another program to create the XMLs, and since you didn’t mention having done so already, ensure that you re-scan the media library after you add new XML files.

The “easiest” way to do that is to restart the WDTV.   SETUP / SYSTEM / DEVICE RESTART.

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Thank You!!!     That did the trick…I renamed the files S01E01 with out the “.”  it’s amazing what one little dot can do.

So the only other thing I can’t figure out, and it happens to TV shows and movies is:

When I’m on the “large view” with all the movies at the bottom and the currently listed movie shows it’s cover, but to the right of the cover all the info about the movie is “N/A”  I get     Date:N/A  Genre:N/A Total Time:N/A etc etc.

If I then “click” on the movie, and it goes into that movies folder I get all the info about the movie; Date, Genre, Total Time, Description etc etc

So I’m guessing, the metadata, that the box pulled on it’s own, seems to apply only to the actual video file, not the entire folder.  So basically I have to enter each movie to see who’s in it or read the description, that doesn’t seem right?

Any thoughts on this one.

I have the same thing because I keep all my movies in there own folders to keep things neat and this causes the player to only show the info when you click into the folder. Maybe something I never thought to post in the WD idea section.

That’s correct.   Metadata is for a FILE, not a folder.

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I moved all my movies (I don’t have that many) into one folder and it works perfectly.   Thanks!!!