Problems with the RSS feature


First off thanks for a great product. I’ve had 3 versions (first gen, wd tv live, and now live SMP) of the box so far, and I havent really had any problems with it.

I use the RSS feature, which is a great feature I think, to play video podcasts from DR.DK - and they all work perfectly.

DR.DK also has some on-demand service called DR NU which has an API. I’ve made a script that generates an XML file with the videos in, and added it to the box.

Now comes the problem: Every time I start a video from that RSS feed I get the error “Browse error. Content not available.”

This is an example of the feed:

If I download the mp4 file, it plays fine. If I then upload the mp4 file to my own webserver and change the URL in the XML file it plays fine aswell.

I have tried on 2 different WD SMP boxes, and on my box with the 4 latest firmwares. I have tried resetting it with no effect.

Can anyone shed some light on it?

This issue has been reported to us and we are currently investigating.

Will post back as soon as I have an update on this. 

Please try posting a detailed issue report on the link bellow so we can add this to the ongoing issue research.

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The Streaming Media Player does not support playing videos through RSS feeds.  I recommend you post an idea in the SMPs idea exchange for a feature request to allow video to be played on the RSS feeds.  I don’t know if the SMP will ever be able to do it, but it’s worth a try. 

Sorry Bill, but you’re wrong :slight_smile:
If I add this feed wd tv plays videos from the rss feed just fine.

KimRJ wrote:
Sorry Bill, but you’re wrong :slight_smile:
If I add this feed wd tv plays videos from the rss feed just fine.

Actually, I’m not wrong.  Being able to play some videos is not the same as supporting it.  When I say we don’t support it, I mean that what you are able to do with some feeds is a lucky turn of events, but we won’t “fix” what you can’t get on other feeds because it’s not part of the product specs.  Consequently, we don’t support it.  Better said, we don’t provide support for it.

This is kind of like what happened with pngs for theming.  Everyone wanted us to “fix” the firmwares to support pngs, but pngs are not part of the devices’ (SMP and Hub) specs, so we had to say no.

This is why I recommended that you post it on the idea exchange.  The current hardware in the devices may or may not be able to fully support it (which I don’t know, I just know that it wasn’t in the specs), but there is no harm in presenting it as any idea.