Problems with the remote since the last update?

Has anyone else had problems with the remote since the last update? Randomly buttons will stop working then suddenly start again. For instance at one time I can left and right fine, but cannot back or select then suddenly I can. Or rewind, but not fast forward. The hub/remote is brand new and has no problems till now so while it is still possible the remote is going out the timing is a bit hard to believe. I admit I’ve not tried new batteries yet as a just in case.

Sorwen, did you figure this out? DId you try new batteries or try to reset the WD TV?

I haven’t had a chance to yet.  I plan tonight getting the batteries and if that doesn’t work do a factory reset and re-update the firmware.  I’ll post back this evening if any of that works or not.  I’ve been using the web browser interface or my USB wireless keyboard.

Nope didn’t work and now it is all the time. For instance Left/Right/Up always work and OK/Down never work.