Problems with the Drive - Only Win 7!

Hello Community,

I have a massiv problem with my MY BOOK WORLD 1TB. I’ve Setup a Homenetwork with 2 PC’s (Win XP and 7) and a Notebook (MacBook Pro Mac OSX 10.6). It’s all fine except the write speed with the Win 7 PC. It’s only several kb/s! 

All other PC working fine with ~ 12mb/s. The Drive is connectet to a Router Speedport W503V from T-Home. The both Desktops with LAN and MacBook via W-LAN to the Router. 

I cant solve this problem… I’ve already contact the Support and the have no idea. I also asked in the Microsoft Answers Board but no answers by now. 

A hint for that is in the “Devices an Printers” (have a German OS, don’t know the English name for it) that the Drive is shown with a exclamation mark… “No driver installed”. But where I can get the Driver? (not software)

Would be very thankful when you can help me!

Greetings from Germany,


I have not had any such problems with Win 7 write speeds. I recently swapped out my old XP Pro PC and laptop for a new PC and Laptop both running Win 7 Ultimate. As I transitioned my network the MBWE was kept as a NAS with various combinations i.e. XP Pro and Win 7 operating systems and then finally all PC’s and laptop with Win 7.

Only thing I can suggest is actually re-mapping the drive partitions on the MBWE on to your Win 7 PC. Also does it see it as an UNPUP device? Are the UNPUP services switched on across all your network devices including the MBWE?


thanks for your answer. Re-mapping did not help…

What is UNDPUP? 

Greetings Max 

No one a solution? Really need it…