Problems with subtitles in MKV files (blu-ray)

Subtitles are shown in the menu, but DOES NOT display on the screen. Is it possible to fix it? I’m using MakeMKV program to create MKV files from blue-ray folders.

No Subtitle on Blueray rips>

In order to get subtitles you will need to first demux them (try tsmuxer) from the m2ts file.  At that point they will be Sup/PGS streams, and you need to convert them to idx (use BDSup2Sub which, despite it’s name, will do this).  Then you can remux them back into the file using mkvmerge.

All the recommended software is freeware (and for the PC – there may or may not be Mac equivilents).  And all works more or less automatically (you have to select the right streams, for example, and you have to enter output file names but you don’t need to do anything really technical).

Thanks, but blu-ray includes a lot of m2ts files. Which one to choose?

P. S. Is it possible for WD to release firmware which would support subtitles in PGS on WD TV LIVE?

About 95% of the time it’s the largest m2ts file in the Stream folder.  On some titles (particularly Disney ones) it is a playlist of such files.  You can be sure by using BDInfo (freeware) which will show you which file(s) are needed for the main feature.  If it’s a playlist you can still demux it with tsmuxer – just choose the playlist instead of the single m2ts file (and you can use tsmuxer to create one single ts file that will play on the Live as well).

PGS subs aren’t supported by most playback devices (or even most software) so I doubt whether the Live will ever support them.  But you can always request it.

mkelley wrote:

Then you can remux them back into the file using mkvmerge.

If you are unlucky the Live will totally mess up the sub colours on internal idx/subs.

In an MKV container?  I don’t think so – I’ve done hundreds of films without issues.