Problems with .sub

If i want to watch a divx movie i have to use .srt subtitles. With .sub subtitles it doesn’t load them!! The movie has the same name as subtitles. Movie.avi, Movie.sub. I have the latest firmware .17. Help, anyone?

I have the same problem:cry:

I have the same problem with .sub subtitles. None of them are showing for any video. srt subtitles work fine… please help anyone found a solution for this? sub should be supported so I do not understand what is the problem.

What type of .sub file are they? I say that because looking around the net I find that there are various programs which save to the .sub extension. You can check them and convert them in a program called ‘Subtitle Workshop’ (freeware)

This program will also check the subtitle for errors etc.

They are plain text simple .sub. I use the program you mentioned to save them as srt and it is working but this is not nice as the wd tv live is supposed to support .sub.