Problems with streaming media thru twonky to wd tv live

just a quick question, but first, my setup here: my book world edition white light as NAS, goes into router, and cable from router to wd tv live, that one hooked up to a samsung lcd tv

in general, things do work, from wd tv live, I can access the NAS, browse folders, and play video - excellent

now, to go to the next level, I created with Twonky Media Manager that comes with the NAS some playlists, but when I drag one of these playlists to the Play Here button on TMM, more exactly the one labelled WD TV LIVE … what happens now: with tv and tv live started, and the tv showing the blue wd tv live menu, I start hearing audio from the video files on the NAS, but so far I was absolutely unable to get the video to show as well … not sure if this is a wd tv live issue, a twonky issue, or a network issue? though, I believe that network is rather unlikely, as when I start video files directly from wd tv live, that works fine, anyone got some advice on that? thanx in advance!

I have the same problem.
Both TwonkyManager and TwankyBeam detect my WD Live and let me send a video to it.

Then I can hear the audio, but the unit keeps on showing the menu.

I think this is a bug or a lack in WD Live software that simply doesn’t switch from menu to play mode when it receives a unsollecited video from a DLNA device.

In fact moving in the menu or entering and exiting from stand by you can sometimes see a frame of the video that Tonky is sending.

It is an issue with how the WDTV Live handles DLNA. To show video from the pc you need to display a picture on the screen, any picture, then send the play video command.


Putting your video streaming issues to ones side…

Are you able to stream MP3s from your NAS via the HDTV Live for more than 30 mins without the HDTV Live dropping the network connection to the Media Server?

I am chasing a problem on my HDTV Live / WRT610N / WD Elements 1.5Tb USB uPNP Media Server setup which I believe to be due to some scheduled internal process on the HDTV Live and nothing to do with other external devices such as PCs.

If you are getting the same problem streaming MP3s from an external Media Server, then this may well be implicated in your video issues.

so far, I’ve only tried my luck with streaming video, not audio mp3, but I will give it a try sometime soon, and as soon as the results will be in, I shall update this msg here, cheers