Problems with small objects transfer speed (using program)

Hello guys.

I’m having so much troubles to send a lot of small objects (like photos or album arts) to my wd my cloud 2tb system

All my networks is working with gigabit ethernet.

It only occurs when i try to send files with WD my cloud program.

When i access the NAS directly from network, it is very fast.

Someone is getting the same problem? how to solve?

Are you talking about using the Mobile App or using the Desktop App on your PC?

I’m talking about Desktop app

Sending small files (size) to the My Cloud is slow, not doubt about it. I use Teracopy Pro for all transfers to the My Cloud and that has solved a lot of transfer issues from my Window PC’s. Before that it seemed as if transfers were sporadic, not only in speed but consistancy.

Turn off “Media Server” on your shares while you do a lot of uploading of photos and movies, you can always turn it back on later. This is another known issue.