Problems with remote access

I recently updated my firmware on my MyBookLive.  I can access the drive using the WD2go website when i’m on my home network.  However, I can’t seem to access the drive when on any other network (I have tried three others).  I get to the “My WD Devices” page but when I click on MyBookLIve, it takes a while but eventually comes up saying “Internet explorer cannot display the webpage”.  Any help gratefully received.

Do you have UPnP enabled on your home router? What about a firewall? What else can you tell us about your home network that might differentiate it from others? Have you tried accessing it using a browser besides IE?

I have UPnP enabled on my home router with the firewall disabled.  I don’t have any specific port forwarding rules set up.  I’m not sure what else would be different about my home network.  I have also tried using Google Chrome as well as IE.

When I’m at home and I look at the “remote access” tab on the dashboard for the MyBookLive, it says that it is connected without any problems.

Any other ideas?