Problems with PS3 MediaServer


Do You have the same problem? I use PS3 Media server 1.20.397 on Win7 with WD Live firmware 1.24. Everything works fine with “small” issue. Not so small…  Forward and back didn’t work at all. When You press Forward (or Back) video position is changed totally randomly. Time position is wrong and thumbnails are wrong too. I thought that this problem with PS3 Media Server but  there weren’t any problems with PS3 or even with XBOX. Any idea or next bug with firmware WD Live? :cry:

Why would you use PS3 Media Server on Windows 7? Windows 7 has it’s own built in DLNA server…you just have to enable it. Google it, there are plenty of articles on how to turn it on.

Also, you may want to check out this thread. It was third in Google search results…

No. It doesn’t work at all… It is bug with current firmware WD. The same problem was detected with others Media servers. Check it in this forum. BTW Are You kidding with MS Media Server??? You may use MS server - if You wish. For me - thanks…

I am a systems engineer, supporting Windows is my job. My understanding is that the DLNA service isnt provided by Windows Media Center.

However, at home, I avoid Windows at all costs. Even 7 with UAC turned on is a target for spyware and assorted virii. I did a demo last week for my CIO with 7 locked down (not even local admin rights) and I was able to hose it with spyware in under 2 minutes. If you are hell bent on using Windows for your home OS, you might as well drink the whole pitcher of MS cool-aid. I’ve tried the DLNA functions of 7, and they actually work quite well (WD Live firmware problems aside- btw, I’m not running the current firmware either).

I too have PS3 Media Server doing transcoding/DLNA serving to my WD Live and PS3…but I am using Ubuntu 9.10. It’s a fanless box running 2 NICs and Vmware ESXi (with one VM of Astaro (for firewall/web filtering/routing/DNS/DHCP services) and one VM of Ubuntu). Following the directions in the link above worked fine for my WD Live.

I don’t know what You mean. I use PS3 Media server with Windows 7 and Xbox, PS3 and WD Live.  It works fine - but WD had problems with in file navigation.  I don’t understand Yours problems with spyware (but I use hardware firewalls - it is fact), but it is doesn’t’ matter. Current firmware WD has a bug.  PS3 Media server has great functionality (for example trasncoding on multicore processors or external subtitle), but it doesn’t work correctly with current firmware.That’s all…

BTW: You don’t need use method which was described in this link. Just download current version PS3 Media server 1.2.400. Profile for WD Live is included.