Problems with Passport

Back in Thanksgiving I bought both a new computer with Windows 7 and a Passport Elite. I did this because the mother board on my old computer was destroyed and I needed to transfer my old files from one computer to another.

The backup worked perfectly on my old computer and I went to transfers files from the external to my new computer and it keeps saying “WD Restore Anywhere cannot be run on this version of Windows”. So I tried backing up my new computer onto the passport and it worked; and it showed up on my device manager. However it won’t let me access the old files. How do I do this? I need those files for my business and this is a brand new external device, I don’t understand how it can’t work.

Any help would me very muchly appreciated.

It’s ridiculous, i think i could quote every post in this forum and say same. so many problems its unreal. Plug and play lol - i was expecting to just carry this around allowing me to play some games ect while in college not to mention i then had to install the driver which is forbidden on top of the driver new hardware isn’t allowed, for being a portable device i fail to see why. Plenty of fellow students use portable hard drives as they would a flash drive.

Unfortunately you may not be able to restore a backup of one operating system into another, you should still be able to restore or copy the files manually if you access the drive and locate the backup destination folder.

“Put my life on it”?  No chance, buddy, not even a tiny one.  With this sort of device, a hardware vendor only get one chance and that’s long, long gone.  Rather than put my life on it, I put a claw hammer into it, and felt much better having smashed it into a very bent shape and several plastic pieces.

When are the technology companies going to realise that ordinary people, leading ordinary lives, don’t want to read a ‘Knowledge Base’ article - we just want the thing to work like we expect it to.  If it doesn’t, it’s not us that’s wrong, it’s the product.