Problems with OS app after update


As we know, the firmware was recently updated for mycloud home, plus the OS apps were updated too. The problem I have since the update, is when I open the app, it says 75% of the time “There is nothing here yet” (or words to that effect). This means I have to close the app down and reopen (sometimes 2 or 3 times) before my files show up! On the occasions when my files DO appear upon opening, I can click and open them, but when I close and try and open another, the screen locks and I have to close the app again.
I have a number of TV series on the drive, and before the update, I could watch an episode and click and watch another straight afterwards. Now, it occasionally locks and I can go no further. This never happened before the update. This happens on both the iPhone and iPad app. Can anyone advise?



@Pip have you contacted support?

No I have not as yet, as I’ve been testing both the apps on the iPhone and iPad in order to see if the problems are same for both. I have now found that the issue is only with the iPad app. On the iPad, when you select the app, it sometimes opens showing all my folders, but often, it shows no folders and just a spinning circle. I have two iPads, and the issue is with both. The iPhone app seems to work o.k.

Actually I spoke too soon. The iPhone app is doing the same too.