Problems with new firmware. (1.07.18)

Hi all, I upgraded my firmware last night. It was successful but after upgrade i lost the sound. When i connect my pc, the video is starting to play (but freezig so) but not sound! And when i try to watch from network, the frame rate extremely slow, but with flash it is very smooth. My internet connection is good, live player is near to the router via wireless and connect easily. When i plugged my flash disk to the live player the video quality and sound is great. What is this problem? Please help me to get over this problem. …

Have you tried a reset? Also, why did you upgrade, was it necessary?

I did it mistakenly, and could not rollback. Reseted 2 times but no response. When i plugged the flash disk everything is clear but when i try to play from network it is a mess. No sound and very low frame rate.