Problems with myPassport essencial 500GB show me 2TB and MBR Damage

Hello everyone, after searching everywhere and can not find any answers, I decided to write here, mypassaport began to present a serious defect, it will not appear on my computer, appears in the bios of my motherboard, but when I try access it ,shows me 2TB, and see that the problem is the damaged MBR, but I find nothing solution, please help me

model - wd5000bmvv -
drive parameters. lba 976773168

I have tried to make full formating but not always has errors and can not access the driver

Dude, when that happens it tends to be the platters themselves instead of the partition table, the drive won’t even allow to be formatted if you try… You’ll need to contact a specialist.

but I would like just that, some form of low-formatting, or electrical connection, something that I can access my hdd, because it can not format because it provides information to be blocked, but I can not access the second one were hd unlock this information,

anyone can help me, i have forgotten my password to access data from my passport essencial. thanks 

There is no reset or work around. If you can’t remember your password you are out of luck.