Problems with my WDTV Live and NSA Drive

My setup is this:

WDYV Live in living room connected to main TV, and wired into my router.

NSA310 wired into the same router through a very long ethernet cable.

I have a LInkstation in the same situation.

Both working fine.

My NSA has a folder called Movies which is shared, no access permissions, and contains all my movies. It is added to my Media Library.

Whenever I leave my WDTV for a while it seems to lose the folder on the NSA. When I find it again using the content source, it says there is no media in it.

If I go into the Network share management and refresh, then it compiles my media library and all is well again.

There are no features on my NSA that I can find that suggest it is turned off after a while or something like that. It’s now becoming quite frustrating to deal with.

Has anybody any solutions?

I updated to latest firmware last night but the problem existed before and after that.


Hi, check if adding a static IP to the WDTV helps. 

Hi thanks for the idea.

I don’t think it has helped - as far as I know they’ve always been static IP addresses but perhaps your understanding is different to mine (and your would be the right one!)

I have set the network settings manually, and input the IP address myself. It is device 16 on my network so

It still has the problem though of dropping the connection to the NAS, but strangely not the Linkstation.