Problems with my PB since installing My Book Live

I purchased a My Book Live last week and have installed it successfully ( I think!) onto my network. However, since doing that I have encountered two problems:

  • my PC does not seem to recognise anything I plug into my PC’s USB ports now including my iPad. (I noticed that My Book Live comes up in iTunes but takes forever to open - is this normal and connected with th USB problem?)
  • my PC doesn’t Shut Down properly but seems to hang instead.

Is this coincidental or are there some adjustments I might need to make to get this corrected?

Any help would be really appreciated.

I can’t see this being the fault of the MyBook Live.  Did you install SmartWare?

Try system restore on Windows to wind the configuration of your computer back to a day when your USB ports were working.

Hi - I did install Smartware so I’ll try a System Restore to see if that will help,