Problems with My Passport SE 1TB

I bought my hard drive MY PASSPORT SE 1 TB, at the end of March 12’  I have only used it a handful of times, and its probably only half full.

Today when I plugged it into my computer to copy some files over it made the screen on my computer go crazy! The device itself is recognised and autoruns plus it shows in my computer. However, The tool bar on the bottom flashed and half of it dissapeared, I clicked on My computer, and although I could just about see the icon, the window went blank, then a tiny bit of the writing returned but it was massive! I tried to open one of the folders on the passport which has a lot of files in it, when I did the window and icons became all disjointed, the icons were only half visable and all over the place & half the window was blank.  When i shut the window down and went back into the harddrive it opened up fine up until the same point. I managed to copy some files over which was fine. I then removed the hard drive, plugged it back in and it worked fine, with no problems. I closed it all down again and re-opened it & it went bonkers again!! The only time my actual computer screeen goes back to normal too is when I’ve fully unplugged it!!

anyone any ideas???

Could be a virus, driver or configuration issue

test on a different computer