Problems with my External Hard Drive AC adapter

My WD HARD DISK My Book Essential Edition 2.0 hasnt been working properly for the last two weeks. Sometimes I plugged in the power cord and start working normally and sometimes it doesnt. I think it could be the AC ADAPTER thats causing this problem.

My question is if I could use my WD TV HD Media Player (1st Generation) AC Adapter in the meantime just to see if this is really the problem.

I checked it out here ( and both adapters seems to have the same features but if you click on each other, the Model Nº are differents.

So, i don’t know what to do.

Wish someone could help me here. Thanks in advance.

If the drive is still in warranty contact WD they’ll probably send you a new one.


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I’ve already done it but the problem is that warranty has expired.

So I thought, if the problem is de AC ADAPTER I could try with another cord and instead of buying a new one maybe I can use my old WD TV HD Media Player AC ADAPTER.

Thanks again for your help.