Problems with My Book ® WE ™ II 2TB by Apple Extreme in "Bridge" mode

Has recently become the owner of a Western Digital My Book ® WE ™ II 2TB, 

However, has encountered problems in getting my “My Book” in my home network where I’m running with a router: Netgear cg3100 (Broadband) as the base. 
Also have an Apple AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme in “bridge” mode by my Netgear (Base) 

The problem: 

My Apple Extreme (running in “bridge” mode), are connected to Netgear router with no problems, it is precisely when I want to plug in “My Book” drive through apple extreme that I can not find it on any of my Mac Book that is the problem. 

Judgement tests I have done: 

  • Apple AirPort Extreme (Creates own network on it and connect my book) then connect my Mac computer to apple extreme - it works! 
    However, I want it to be in “bridge” mode to netgear router so that I can use internet on the same network. 

  • Netgear Router (Run it as a base out to the internet). 
    Works fine to drive my book through this, but a bit slower transfer. 

Are there any settings you should do in order to be able to find a typical NAS hard drive / server (My Book ® WE ™ II 2TB) through a router in “bridge” mode (apple extreme) to another router (netgear)? 

Grateful for creative ideas and answers! 

Units / flow I want to use: 
Western Digital My Book ® WE ™ II 2TB -> Apple Airport Extreme Base Station -> Netgear Router cg3100 (Wired & Freeserve - The network I’m plugged in)

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support