Problems with my 2 TB 'My Book Essential'

I have a WD 3.0 2 TB ‘My Book Essential’ bought 15 months ago. But recently it has started giving Event ID 51 errors :
F_‘An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk7\D during a paging operation’._

Frequently this seems to somehow cause an overnight restart of my PC, presumably during my nightly backup to that drive. So I am considering applying for a replacement under the 2-year warranty, although it seems to be otherwise OK (apart from the separate issue below).

Can I also ask about what I believe to be a quite independent problem please.

From the start I was disappointed to find this product had unwanted ‘SmartWare’ software. Its principal functions were ‘power management’ and automatic backups. I already had backups covered satisfactorily. Installation proved possible without SmartWare, but I think one downside is that I cannot now configure ‘power management’. And in turn I think this power management is responsible for the other problem: long delays when I do any file/folder operations. Even those that go nowhere near this HD. For example it can sometimes take 30 secs before I can complete a file delete, or open a folder on my internal HD. This is while the 2 TB drive apparently fires up and does its thing after being ‘asleeep’ for a while. Is there anything I can do to improve this please?

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

To be sure you can try running a test with DLG, if it fails the test, replace it, if not you can try formatting it. Don’t now if this will work, but try installing smartware, then setup the power options and then uninstall it to see if the configuration you selected stasis active. Check then linkl below for the steps to use DLG.

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Thanks, much appreciated. I’ve downloaded DLG and will try it shortly. If it’s anything like the built in XP facility then that means a day’s run!

Not so sure I want to risk re-installing/uninstalling smartware though.

Also had a suggestion from my son (who is familiar with some of my previous issues with this PC) that it may not be a a HD problem, but some USB glitch.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK