Problems with Media Library turned on

Hi all I just bought a new WD TV LIVE streaming and its connected to a 2tb WD elements HD. I have problems with the box when I am turning on the media library functionality. I use the newest firmware. Problems when the media library is turned on: 1. It reboots 2-3 times when I turn it on 2. It reboots suddenly in a movie 3. Extremely lagging in the menu 4. If I playing a video and then press stop then movie continues in the background playing and the box is lagging 5. Everything lags lags lags lags 6. Remote stops working (properly because of the lagging) Since this is a essential part of the new box I dont know what to do. The box has no problems compiling a media library. When its finnish all the problems starts. When the media library is turned off the box works perfect without any problems. I have not clue wether this is hardware or software related. (I still have the chance to return the box) Any ideas??

Hi, check if you have the latest firmware update installed.