Problems with macOS BigSur update IOS 11.0.1

Apple upgraded its IOS system and now my “WD Discovery” App on my MacBook Pro displays my 10 TB Harddrive but it will no longer open …

Is anyone else having this problem with Apple’s another upgrade hassle?

Is this part of Apple’s continued war against non-Apple systems to banish non-Apple systems, software, apps?



@rayhanania Have you already looked at this?

This can also be found under News & Announcements.

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Thanks for the hint. It works !


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The MyCloud is erratic on my MacBook Pro BigSur IOS … sometimes the directory appears in the finder but most of the time it doesn’t display at all … I can access the files online from anywhere but that defeats the whole point of wanting to use this

I will try the article link again


Hi, I have the same problem! The WD support can’t fix the problem…
Anyone got a solution?

Thank you

Hi, I have the same problem. Sometime the WD works but after few days it disappear…
It’s very annoying…