Problems with FW update

I have a WD TV Live (WDBAAP0000NBK). Been working a treat. Has been running firmware 1.02.21 out of the box and today I decided to update to the latest firmware 1.06.15.

I also have a WD 1.5TB My Book Essential external HD connected to it via usb which has been formatted for mac .

So I disconnected the drive and updated to latest firmware via usb flash drive. Everything seemed fine. Checked the player and the firmware was installed.

So I connected the external hard drive back to the player and the player wouldn’t see it, however if I put a flash drive with a movie on it, it reads it fine.

Now when I connect the HD to my mac via USB it also cant see the Hard drive.

I finally got the mac to see the hard drive but now I cant add or remove files.

Is there a corrupt file I need to remove from the drive? what has gone wrong?

I also use the drive as a back up, so I will be very annoyed if I have to reformat the drive.

Any ideas, anyone!

A couple of things to bear in mind.  FW 1.06 takes a loooooong time to ‘see’ your HD.  When you disconnected the drive, did you eject it using the remote first?  Not doing so can corrupt your drive, I hope this isn’t the case!

It took a long time to read the drive. I waited about 20 mins and the player stopped flashing. I didn’t realise it took this long. When I went thru the menu I still couldn’t see the drive and turned off the player by remote. I have always done this without any issues. Until now. I am attempting to see if I can use disc utility on the Mac to repair it. At the moment it’s difficult for the Mac to pick it up.