Problems with FW 1.06.15 and WHS Network / Lights-Out / TVerisity

I’m using the WD TV Live for more than one year without any major problems. Since the latest firmware 1.06.15 update I have the following problems.

1) (Continuing) network activity when switched off
On my WHS I have the Add-In “Lights-Out” installed, which monitors my LAN and sets the WHS into stand-by 10 mins after the last device (=WD TV Live) is switched off.
So normally in the evening I switch off my WD and 10 mins later the WHS is automatically in stand-by.

Since the last FW update I’m wondering in the morning, why my WHS was running all the night. The monitoring overview of the Add-In shows me, that the WD was operating all the time…   
I looked at the RJ45 network port at the back of the WD, and it’s true. It yellow communication LED shows me continuously activity on the network port, although the WD is switched off (by remote control). This is new.

Seems that the WD is now pingable all the time…

Can anyone confirm this behaviour? For which purpose is this new “feature”?

2) Streaming with TVersity Media Server not working anymore
Additionally since the new firmware 1.06.15 I got no access with the WD to my media on my Media Server TVersity 1.9.7.
The WD tells me “No media in folder” and on the TVersity there is logged a SQL error "Error - Could not execute SQL statement, reason: unrecognized token: “”.
Meanwhile there is a quick fix in changing the profiles.xml of the TVersity an then it’s running again:

As well, does anyone has the same problems? What is the reason for this change?

From my point of view, 1.06.15 is the first firmware update which has big disadvantages for me, seems not to be the big point.
If there is no solution for the problem 1) I will have to rollback to the firmware 1.05.04, this was running good for me.

_ Andreas. _

  1.  Because the WDTV now includes the CONTAINER definition in the DLNA transaction, whereas it was previously unused.    It’s valid DLNA specification; the error is in TVersity.