Problems with free space and creation of files on the shared drive

Hi there!

Started to use My Cloud Home about a week ago. Installed Plex for video streaming, accessed My Cloud from laptop and mobile app. Recently I faced 2 issues:

  1. System says that more than half of the drive (4TB) is full, however I had about 200GB of info. After deleting all movies I had I have even less free space.
    image (45% available)
  2. Strange files appear from time to time:

I can’t understand why Cloud is almost full even though I do not have anything uploaded there. Maybe it’s Plex that has something to do with that? Do I need to do hard reset?


Yes, I have recently had all these strange files appearing as well…can WD please explain their origin and how to safely remove them.



Please open a support case with us


thanks but I am using Windows 10 OS not a macOS

I read the article which suggests that the issue is under investigation and the files can be deleted. is the case for Win 10 as well ?

@pusb87 I’ve never seen this type of random files on Windows and send you a PM