Problems with files with no utf file name created by amule

I can´t access, rename, move, delete, see or change permissions (chmod) by nfs, smb, ftp or ssh files created by amule that contains caracter ñ (special spanish caracter), language settings are spanish. firm 1.03.41

I have reinstaled amule deleting aMule folder, but it´s the same.

Help please.

Just ssh in and rename the file after copying-pasting the name within double-quotes.

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-rwxrwxrwx    1 root     root     1720653824 Jul 23 12:59 filename[Espa?ol Castellano][2014].avi

/mnt/HD/HD_a2/aMule/Incoming # mv “filename[Espa?ol Castellano][2014].avi” “filename[Espanol Castellano][2014].avi”

mv: can’t rename ‘filename[Espa?ol Castellano][2014].avi’: No such file or directory

I have edited the real name of the file.

Hmm…thought that’d work but I was wrong. Try this perhaps:

this worked

/mnt/HD/HD_a2/aMule/Incoming # find -type f -print0 | \perl -n0e ‘$new = $_; if($new =~ s/[^[:ascii:]]/_/g) {print(“Renaming $_ to $new\n”); rename($_, $new);}’