Problems with drive on windows only?


My Western digital my book external 1TB USB drive is having issues in windows.

Last night I was converting some avi files, importing from c: and exporting to the WD drive.  The software I use has option to power down your machine when the conversion was complete.  I enabled this and then got off to bed.

This morning I powered up my Windows 7 laptop to find that after about 5 minutes of trying to read the drive, it shows up in explorer as “Local drive” instead of it’s given name and it wasn’t accessable.

I then tried it on my XP laptop and had the same issue.

After this, I tried the hard drive on my Samsung DVD player and Playstation 3.  The drive worked perfectly fine and all content was accessable as normal.

I thought it may be a virus, but it happens on any Widows machine I plug it into.  I thought it might be something screwy with the USB device or drivers, but that wouldn’t effect every windows machine.

All my other external drives work perfectly fine, it’s just this one.

Can somebody please help as this is driving me mad! I really can’t afford to lose the data on this drive.

the same!

my WD H1U10000E works well with WD TV HD Media Player

but windows doesn’t see it in any PC

Linux see it!

Yip, that’s the one alright.  I’ve done a quick format on the disc and is now working fine.  Always “safely eject” your external hard drives from windows…suspect this is why mine had issues.

I now have the task of migrating 900gbs of data from DVD to my drive :frowning: